If You Have Ever Been A Player In The Independent Professional Baseball Leagues Then You Now Have A Home!

Dear Independent Professional Baseball Veteran,

If you are here it is because the odds are that you have some experience in independent professional baseball!

Whether you were a starting pitcher, a pitching coach, General Manager, bullpen catcher, director of concessions, mascot, or any other role you know what it is like to be "behind the scenes" of a minor league baseball team.  

You also know that it is difficult to find websites catering to people involved in independent baseball, regardless of the league in which you have experience.  In addition, there is no formal alumni association for retired players, managers, coaches, and front office executives.

Now there is a home for you!

"Why A Site About Independent Minor League Baseball Is Needed?"

My name is Matt Mc Dermott and I was a bullpen catcher/backup catcher in the independent minor leagues for parts of 5 seasons with the Waterbury Spirit (1997-1998), Fort Worth Cats (2005), Lewisville Lizards (2007), and McKinney Blue Thunder (2008).  

In addition, I served as an Assistant GM, backup P.A. announcer, director of sales, league statistician, league public relations assistant, and several other duties... including serving as an "exhibition game" umpire!  Over the years I met some terrific people and wanted to keep in touch with them.

At the end of the 2008 season I realized that there was no home, "alumni association", or even a centralized place for anyone ever involved in independent minor league baseball to communicate with each other.  

Also, many of my former teammates expressed concerns about continuing their playing careers, how to look for jobs, networking, being behind on computer skills, still dealing with injuries, keeping up with news in the independent leagues, and many other challenges.

So I decided to do something about it, and create a directory of useful, how-to information targeted to those who were involved in independent professional baseball.

"What Is Inside That Is Useful To Someone With Independent Baseball Experience?"

This idea originally started out as a how-to information source for recently-retired players.  As I talked with more and more current players, recently-retired players, league officials, announcers, and front office executives, I realize that there is a huge need for quality information!

Especially having everything in one place!

In addition, many of the players said that there really isn't any good source of information targeted to their needs.  So here are just some of the topics which you will get:

For Current Independent Baseball Players:
  • How to continue your pro career overseas
  • Training recommendations for next season
  • How to get involved with Winter Ball
  • What affiliated scouts look for in players
  • Multiple sources of tryout camps
  • List of prospect services
  • How to transfer credits if you want to stay in the area where you played baseball during the summer
  • Much, much more!
For Recently Retired Independent Baseball Players:
  • How to start overcoming addictions to alcohol or painkillers
  • Staying motivated to exercise now that you are no longer a pro athlete
  • Resume writing suggestions
  • Computer training tutorials to make you marketable in the workplace
  • Career assessment services (free and paid)
  • What to consider before joining the family business
  • Interviewing skills
  • Establishing or repairing your credit
  • How to buy/sell your first car
  • How to rent your first apartment
  • How to begin the process for graduate school
  • Personal finance calculators
  • Much, much more!
Those Wanting Jobs In Professional Baseball:
  • Relevant information about sports careers
  • Information on how to be a good coach
  • Jobs boards for affiliated professional baseball
  • Jobs boards for independent minor league baseball
  • How to become an umpire
  • Jobs boards for coaches (all levels)
  • Much, much more!
Independent Baseball Statistics:
  • How to find historical independent league stats
  • Stats for current independent league
  • Historical stats for previous independent leagues 
  • Much, much more!
Independent Baseball League News:
  • Links to all league websites
  • Links to league statistics and standings
  • Find out about independent players who have moved onto other leagues or even the Major Leagues
  • Get the latest news and press releases from each independent league
  • Much, much more!
Extra Perks And Benefits:
  • Discounts for travel
  • Discounts for hotels
  • Much, much more!
My discussions with non-playing independent baseball colleagues revealed that they, too, have questions and challenges which could be resolved by having a website with targeted, easy-to-obtain information.

"How Long To I Have To Wait For The Information?"

Inside you will find all sorts of information based on the needs expressed by your peers from independent baseball.  You will get links to lots of articles, MP3 interviews and podcasts, PDF e-books, and links to relevant videos.

Most people in baseball have a common trait:  if they can't see it or recognize it quickly, then it isn't worth their time.  That's why I made all of the information you need accessible in digital format.  

If you log in at 3:00 in the morning, I want you to have access to the information you need right then and there!

"How Do I Get Access To The Information?"

Go right to this link:

I look forward to your joining the site and giving me feedback on what you want to know to help your business and career.  Whether this is your first year as a player or intern in independent baseball, or if you are a 30-year veteran of the front office, I want you to find value on the site.

Thank you and I look forward to your success stories with the information,


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