Do You Want To Work Or Have An Internship In The Independent Professional Baseball Leagues?

If you want to work in the independent minor leagues this season then you are welcome to join the database of prospective interns and employees which will be sent to several independent league general managers, owners, and other front office executives on a consistent basis.

Many of the general managers complained that they get too many random phone calls out of the blue from prospective interns and employees.  The GM asks to receive the person's information; and it is after that point when several things can go wrong:
  • The prospective employee or intern sends it to the wrong e-mail address
  • The e-mail ends up in the Bulk/Spam folder and is deleted by accident
  • The applicant sends incomplete information which the team/league management needs to have in order to make a good decision
  • The applicant sometimes even sends a non-working phone number (yes this happens!)
This database will require you to send the information which independent baseball management needs and will help to make you more marketable.  And we will follow up to make sure that the teams get your information.

Occasionally there will be a request for possible interns or employees from a sports-related firm like this company: Nike baseball.  Your information will be sent to them as well

Your Next Steps To Joining The Independent Baseball Prospective Employment And Internship Database


You have 2 choices for the database which has a value of $6.95.  You may join with PayPal by clicking the button below, or you may read further for an alternative where you don't have to take out your credit card.
If you are still in college, looking for an internship in baseball, chances are that you may be on a "student's budget."  I remember those days as well!  Still, I need to cover my costs of the website and the mailing list software.

So instead of charging your credit card to be entered into the database, all I ask is that you sign up for a trial offer through your choice of advertiser when you click the "Get It Free" button.  I get compensated through the third party software... and you don't have to pay IndependentMinorLeagueBaseball one penny!

You have your choice of free trials, paid trials, or ordering a product you would normally buy online anyway.  Whatever your decision, once your action gets credited you then will be e-mailed a link where you can fill out your information and submit it for free.

Your information then will be sent to general managers, owners, and other independent baseball front office executives on a consistent basis.

If you want to keep your credit card in your wallet and learn how to join for free, check out the video about TrialPay.  Once you are satisfied that it is a good option for you click the button directly below the video:


You understand that by joining this database you do not get access to the other sections of this website and you agree to the terms and conditions set on the legal page, including the addendum at the bottom of the page.

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