For Baseball Players, With Previous Professional Experience, Who Want To Send Their Information To General Managers, Managers, And Others Who Have Authority To Sign Players To Contracts In Independent Baseball

If you are a player who has previous professional baseball experience (independent, affiliated, or international) and want to continue your playing career in the independent baseball leagues then you are welcome to submit your information to us.  We, in turn, will send your information to the general managers, managers, directors of player operations, and other executives in independent baseball.

You also will get access to at least 9 audio phone interviews (MP3 format) which you can listen to at your convenience.  These interviews were conducted with independent baseball managers, pitching coaches, directors of player procurement for multiple teams (in multiple independent leagues), former team presidents and owners, and the national baseball media which covers independent baseball.


I have been a bullpen catcher and backup catcher in the low levels of the independent leagues, and I know that budget is a concern for many of you!  Still, I need to cover my costs of the website and the mailing list software.

So instead of charging you hundreds of dollars to be put on a list, your cost will be a one-time charge of $17 through PayPal (or credit card), and you can remain on the list for as long as you would like.  Should you ever want to be removed from the list then you can opt out of the list through the e-mails at any time you wish.

You will receive an e-mail with the link where you can submit your information.  You also will receive a future e-mail with links to upcoming independent baseball tryouts, occasional conference calls, and other helpful information relating to making it to the independent baseball leagues.

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